How Much Residential Security Does Your Airbnb Accommodation Need?

By Clifford Strong, CEO of JC Protection LLC | July 16, 2021

There is nothing more horrific than your guests being attacked or robbed during their stay. In addition to a guaranteed bad review, incidents like these can cause lasting trauma and raise many liability issues. Therefore, securing safety at your Airbnb accommodation is paramount and non-negotiable.

Consider Your Location

Location is the primary factor to consider when it comes to security. Some areas are more prone to crime than others. Search for crime statistics in your area to determine the level of security the property needs. If you are new in the region, chat to neighbors to learn about their experience.

Consider Your Property Type

It goes without saying that property in a gated community or well-guarded complex is considerably safer than unsecured accommodations. If your Airbnb accommodation is not secured, you may have to take serious measures.

In addition to installing technology like security cameras and burglar doors, consider aligning with a local security company, hiring a guard or two, or becoming a member of the neighborhood watch.

Consider the Response

How fast do the police respond to emergencies in your area? If you have to wait longer than 10 minutes for help to arrive, consider linking your Airbnb accommodation to a security company with a good response time. Alternatively, you can have a guard on the premises to deal with any emergency that may arise.

Consider the Cost

After determining your property’s security needs, compare the cost of options. It may be more cost-effective to install security cameras and have a guard on site to operate them and response to emergencies. While some accommodations can benefit from installing a simple burglar door, others may need alarm systems, an electric fence, and other extensive measures.

How safe your neighborhood is determines how safe your guests are. Study crime statistics in your area and if necessary, enlist the help of professionals to provide protection and backup in case of emergencies.

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