Event Security Services Best Practices and Tips

By Clifford Strong, CEO of JC Protection LLC | April 7, 2022

When hosting an event, providing adequate security is always a vital consideration. In many instances, there is no need for a large number of security professionals, but there are times when hiring multiple security guards for an event will be prudent. At JC Protection, we work with clients to ensure their events are staffed with an appropriate number of security professionals.

If you’re currently planning an event and are unsure what security measures are needed, now is the time to contact JC Protection to discuss the event and evaluate the available event security options. We work with clients to determine which types of security measures are required and schedule the correct number of guards to keep everyone at the event safe.

When establishing a security plan for your event, there are specific elements to consider. Rather than missing an important element or overestimating the event’s security needs, take the time to review the following items and discuss any questions with our staff of event security services experts.

Revue the Venue to Understand Its Security Pros and Cons

Some venues are inherently more secure than others. For example, the number of ingress and egress points determine how many guards are required to eliminate the potential of unwelcome guests entering the building or grounds. The number of doors and windows is always considered, as providing adequate security includes limiting the access using those entry points.

In addition to reviewing a building for potential issues, it’s also prudent to evaluate the property surrounding the event venue to determine what types of security issues may be present. Paying close attention to all exterior details is crucial when the event is held outdoors, and protecting the site often requires erecting temporary fencing or taking other actions to secure the site’s boundaries.

Determine Who Is Likely to Attend an Event

To determine how many security guards are needed for an event, understanding who is expected to attend the event is also wise, as different types of attendees pose different risks. Providing security for an Easter egg hunt is unlikely to result in many security issues, but a concert held in an outdoor arena may pose significant risks.

Reviewing the risk level for an event also includes determining if influential or wealthy guests may be at risk simply because they attend the event. For example, hosting an outdoor wedding and reception may require a significant security presence when wealthy attendees are likely to wear expensive jewelry or bring expensive gifts to the event. Our team of experts will explore the potential for any issue to develop during a special event and respond accordingly.

Verify the Venue’s Security Requirements

In many cases, event venues require a certain level of security before, during, and after the event to protect the attendees as well as the venue itself. As a rule, the required staffing will be adequate for most events, but it’s always a good idea to review the event, its purpose, and expected attendees to determine if additional special event security would provide extra peace of mind.

Even if the required security requirements appear excessive, there is generally a rationale behind those requirements. When you’re unsure if the level of security required for your scheduled event is adequate, we’re here to review the requirements and conditions and provide advice on how to proceed.

Remember that Safety is Always a Consideration

Many events don’t end until well after dark, which means attendees face some level of risk when returning to their vehicles. Single attendees often feel insecure about walking to their vehicles after dark, and having security professionals available to escort them is a welcome safety service.

Even well-lit parking areas pose risks, as it’s relatively easy for attackers to hide between cars, attack attendees, and flee before security guards can respond. Consider hiring private event security professionals to escort attendees to their vehicles even when doing so might not appear necessary.

Security Guards as a Deterrent

Special event security personnel provide a number of benefits, and one important advantage is they discourage inappropriate activities. While criminal activity is generally low at most smaller events, any larger gatherings make the odds of unwanted activities greater.

When event security guards are on site, criminal incidents are less likely to occur, which means invited guests feel secure and are free to enjoy the event without worrying about their safety. That starts with the event security guards identifying guests as they enter the venue and verifying they’re on the guest list.

Determine Whether a Major Attack is Likely

While no one wants to think about it, the potential for a major attack is always possible. Recent attacks on both private and public facilities illustrate the point that a major assault is possible even when no one in attendance is involved.

Rather than risk the results of a major incident, hiring event security experts reduces the odds of an attack. That’s especially true when armed security personnel are present, but any event security significantly reduces threats.

Evolve to Meet New Challenges

We don’t live in a static world. Everything is changing, even the threats faced by event holders. That means security experts track threats and assess how serious those threats may be to clients’ events. When security experts stay on top of current conditions, they’re better prepared to face or eliminate a wide variety of threats.

Clients rarely understand the scope of possible threats when scheduling events, but we do. Even though your event may not face significant criminal attacks, the potential for conditions to get out of hand is always present. Our event security professionals evaluate possible threats throughout an event and take steps to defuse conditions when guests’ behaviors go beyond acceptable levels.

Communication Channels are Always Open

When event security guards are hired, events flow smoothly because all lines of communication between guards, hosts, and other event personnel are kept open. Security guards monitor conditions to spot potential problems before they escalate. That vigilance allows the security guards to diffuse issues before they interrupt the event.

Open communications also make life easier for security personnel to ensure all areas in and around the venue are monitored, and everyone is aware of any anomalies that develop. That level of organization is difficult to attain without event security services being involved.

Beyond the Basics: Understanding the Costs of Event Security

Clients are always concerned with the costs involved when hiring event security professionals. While that’s understandable, it’s always crucial to understand that eliminating safety concerns for events can’t be ignored. That suggests the best way to hire private event security is to analyze the site and other factors prior to hiring security guards to keep costs under control while, at the same time, providing the level of protection needed for a specific event.

The factors dictating the costs of hiring security experts are quite complicated, but our security experts are available to evaluate the various considerations and explain the costs event planners can expect when contracting for quality event security. Here are a few examples of those considerations.

  • The Size of the Event. Small events may only require one or two security guards, but larger affairs will generally need several guards to obtain the protection attendees expect. Major events are also held in larger venues, which means more guards will be needed to cover the area properly.
  • The Level of Experience Guards Must Have. Smaller events without significant security risks typically use less-experienced guards, as there is little risk involved and guards are in place primarily to maintain order. However, when celebrity or wealthy attendees are expected, guards with police or military experience may be recommended to raise the overall security level.
  • Armed Guards are Requested. When events require the presence of armed security personnel, the costs will go up considerably. Those guards have more training and experience, and that means they’re highly paid professionals. However, if the need is there for armed security personnel, the difference in cost should not be a factor, as safe conditions must be maintained.

So, what’s the bottom line? What should security guards for an event cost? While hiring unarmed security guards for low-risk events won’t be overly expensive, event planners should expect to pay $100 or more per hour per guard for skilled, experienced personnel. Once we understand the scope of your needs, we’ll gladly provide an accurate estimate for the services your event requires.

Get Your Questions Answered

Prior to hiring event security guards, take the time to discuss your needs with JC Protection’s event specialists. They will evaluate each client’s security needs and recommend solutions tailored to meet the requirements of your event. They’ll take the time to explain various options with an emphasis on outlining why a specific security approach is recommended.

Clients are expected to have questions, so take the opportunity to ask about security issues specific to an event. Our team members understand everyone is concerned with the costs and concerns our clients have when security guards are needed. If you’ve got unusual needs or will be welcoming higher-risk attendees, we’ve got the security solutions needed to keep your event safe for everyone involved.