10 Essential Security Tips for Your Small Business

By Clifford Strong, CEO of JC Protection LLC | September 17, 2021

Home security is a top concern of many homeowners. Setting up an alarm system is a good way to thwart a burglary in progress, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent your house from being targeted in the first place? Here’s what burglars look for when scoping out houses to rob.

Valuables in sight

While you shouldn’t worry about strategically placing your TV out of view of your living room window, you’ll generally want to keep other expensive and valuable objects–think diamond jewelry or the latest gaming system–tucked away from prying eyes on the outside. Close your curtains or blinds whenever you leave home to prevent thieves from peering through your windows and casing valuables that way.

Open windows and doors

Never leave windows or doors open or unlocked when you leave home. When you are home and have them open, don’t leave them unattended. Your midnight slumber on a hot summer day with the windows cracked can give a burglar ample time to sneak in and out with your possessions, all while you’re asleep.


Burglars value privacy when it’s time to commit their crime. This can make isolated houses bigger targets for thieves, whether they’re out in the boonies or simply at the end of a long driveway off the main road. Any type of dimly lit or cluttered area is also secluded enough for a burglar to feel comfortable in. If you have a large fence, trees, or outdoor debris surrounding your property, your house may be a target.

No signs of life

If your curtains are closed, your car is gone, the grass is overgrown, and there are packages on your doorstep, that signals to the world that the house is currently unoccupied and that you’re likely on vacation. Burglars are much more at ease breaking into a house when they’re sure that the owners are gone. Leave a TV on when you go out or hire a house sitter when you’re on vacation to make the house look occupied.

Now that you know what burglars look for, you know what to take precautions against to protect your own house from theft. Adjusting your lifestyle and property features in accordance to this list may prevent a burglar from choosing your house next.

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