7 Bad Home Security Habits to Break Right Now

By Clifford Strong, CEO of JC Protection LLC | March 4, 2021

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were 1.23 million burglaries in 2018 alone. Housebreaking heists cost Americans $3.4 billion in total each year. Home security is an issue to take seriously for your family’s well-being. Simple home security mistakes can increase your house’s odds of being threatened by thieves. If you’re not careful, you could unknowingly roll out the welcome mat to wrongdoers. Discourage bad actors by making your house a much tougher target. Transform your home into a fortress with an impenetrable line of defense. Break the following seven bad home security habits right now before burglars break in.

1. Hiding a Handy Spare Key

Have you stashed a spare key outside your door? Perhaps you’ve tucked a key under a planter, doormat, faux rock, or loose brick. Conning the con artists rarely works, though. Burglars are aware of these popular key hiding spots. Criminals simply go on a quick scavenger hunt. They’d likely strike gold and turn open your knob in seconds. Avoid making breaking and entering such a cakewalk. Instead, have extra keys made for every family member to always carry. If you’re constantly misplacing your keys, opt for a keyless door lock and top-secret access code.

2. Keeping Windows Unlocked

Every homeowner knows to lock up before the door slams shut. Are you as diligent with your window locks? Not bothering to bolt closed windows can backfire. Unlocked windows are gateways for goons to slip inside unnoticed. After all, there won’t be any broken glass noises to alert nearby neighbors. Burglars can shimmy over the windowsill and start looting in seconds. Fasten sturdy locks on every window before heading out. When windows are cracked open for ventilation, use a burglar bar to discourage entry. Adding window sensors with blaring alarms may also spook criminals.

3. Leaving Out Ladders

Owners of two-story houses might presume their upstairs windows aren’t reachable. Indeed, most burglars won’t scale siding or climb trees. However, neither feat is needed if there’s a ladder lying around. Leaving ladders in the backyard or an unlocked shed is an invitation for trouble. Robbers can rocket right up to the upper level and raid your bedrooms. Stow your ladder inside the locked garage after every do-it-yourself project. Safeguard your garage by hiding the remote door opener too. Carry a keychain remote or establish keyless door entry.

4. Using Dummy Deterrents

Experienced burglars aren’t duped by dummies they can spot a mile away. Fake cameras and sensors won’t fool felons. Phony security company signs will only give bad actors a good chuckle. Setting up the surveillance system ruse takes more time than it’s worth. Most thieves will see through the charade and know your house is vulnerable. Therefore, don’t skip corners and skimp on home security. Contact a licensed security professional about affordable, yet effective systems. Install real, fail-safe security equipment that will alert authorities when burglars approach.

5. Flaunting Your Furnishings

Burglars see neighborhoods as their own personal shopping malls. They’ll sneak around homes looking for sweet merchandise to swipe. Bragging about big-dollar purchases will only entice thieves. Don’t make a window display of the terrific treasures kept inside your home. Step outside and peek into windows to get a potential burglar’s perspective. Are there worthy steals in plain sight? Move electronics, appliances, and jewelry pieces out of the criminal’s line of vision. Follow the same rule when securing your car, garage, and shed. Store valuables in cabinets and closets to make your house look uninticing.

6. Turning Out the Lights

Does your house resemble a dark hole at night? Danger could be lurking in the dim shadows. Masked burglars in black attire blend right into your unlit outdoor area. Darkness gives robbers extra time to jimmy open doors and sneak in windows. Disrupt a burglar’s sinister skulking with plenty of lighting. Affix motion-sensing lights to the front, back, and sides of your home. Motion detectors shut off and illuminate only when something creeps into the yard. Also, scatter solar-powered lanterns around your garden landscaping. Prevent giving criminals a pitch-black playground to pilfer.

7. Oversharing on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a burglar’s dream come true. Do you tend to post about your work meetings or weekend getaways? If so, your social media pages give criminals a playbook for when to attack. Thieves can simply scroll through your feed and see when nobody’s holding down the fort. One beach selfie can signal you’re far from home. Therefore, think before sharing your location on social media. Set high privacy settings to control your post viewers. Only mention vacations offline or in direct messages. Save the souvenir shots for after you’ve returned home.

These certainly aren’t the only home security mistakes to correct. Install a lockbox for mail deliveries to avoid tempting porch pirates. Have mail and newspaper carriers stop service during vacations to keep from alerting burglars. Recruit a buddy to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway when you’re away. Trim overgrown shrubs and trees that burglars can crouch under. Install interior light timers to make your uninhabited house appear full of activity. Make up-to-date payments on homeowners insurance policy premiums to guarantee coverage if needed. Breaking the bad home security habits right now can reduce the risks of a robbery later.

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